Bring copies of several tunes you'd like to lead and snacks or a beverage you'd like to share when we take a break around 3:30pm.

Singer's Glen

Welcome to Sunday Jams at Singer's Glen. 

We're an informal group of musicians who enjoy learning and playing bluegrass tunes on the fourth Sunday of the month. 

Until further notice, Sunday jams are postponed 

to use our time and energy to reclaim our democracy.

The Sunday Jam welcomes a wide range of musical abilities and instruments including acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass, resonator guitar, harmonica, cello, dulcimer & autoharp -- as well as the human voice -- to ​share an afternoon of mutual support and musical discovery of old & new bluegrass tunes. 

If you have original songs you've written, we invite you to bring copies so others may join you.